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How much does it cost to replace a watch battery?

Battery replacements start off at $10.00 depending on the voltage of the battery.  Most digital watches require 3V batteries and cost $12.50.  For an exact price bring in your watch for a quote.


How much will it cost to repair/service my time piece?

Prices are always given on a case by case basis.  Some watches or clocks require special repair or part replacement while others may need a basic service.  For this reason prices are subject to range and no exact price can be given without proper examination of the time piece.  Come by for a free estimate!


How long does it take to repair a Watch/Clock?

Depending on the repair of the Watch/Clock, on average, a repair on a Watch takes about 2-3 weeks, possibly taking longer if any parts are ordered. On Clocks the average time takes about 4-6 months occasionally taking longer if the clock is giving us problems. We try to have them ready as soon as possible but they are delicate to work with so we have to take our time repairing them and not rush through the repair.


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